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How do you determine which is the best website design agency for your business? You may visit some of the agency's websites by searching Google and try to create an opinion on each of their brands. But we all know how ineffective that can prove to be. After all, almost every single one of the websites say the same thing. They all talk about how great they are. Collectively they try to sell you a completely old-fashion idea: "we are the best".

If you were able to ask them through their website the simple question of "Why do you think you are the best?" You would be bombarded by all this prepackaged answers that would leave you uninspired at best.

In my opinion the reason is that most of them don't even know the answer. They truly don't know why they are the best. In fact, maybe they even think that they are not even among the best. Most web agencies are not thinking for themselves. They just copy each other's ideas thinking that the little sound bites are what make the difference.

Here is why Merkados™ is the best website design studio in Raleigh:

Let me start by telling you a story - in fact you may watch the video and then continue reading:


In Africa, the Baboons always have a secret reservoir of water. The nomads, don't know about the water but they do know how to use the Baboons to find it. The process basically involves capturing the Baboon, making it really thirsty and then releasing it so that they can follow it to the reservoir.

So you may be wondering what does this have to do with websites?

Your business,just like this nomad, is in need of a lot of things that a crafty baboon knows how to get. We know how to get water for your business. We know what not to do. We know the common pitfalls. We know how to do great work. We are experts at delivering high quality, perfectly crafted solutions that arrive at the intersection between design, development and marketing. We are the best website design studio because we are Baboons.



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