Social Responsibility

Merkados Interactive Agency

Merkados is a Christian-owned business and we believe that we are called to help others when they need it. We support social causes that we believe in.

Hope for the poor

The message of Christ was simple but strong. Life is about love, not about anything else.

Merkados is owned by Alex Centeno and he has decided to love others including those that have lost their hope due to lack of money or because their businesses are not succesful.

Money is one of the biggest ideas one has to learn to dominate. Money shouldn't dominate one´s life. But money is important in order for great social projects to happen.

If you have further questions about our donations please contact us at:

We do business in the following manner:

  • We sell our knowledge,services and products to people that need them. We help businesses increase their online presence. This businesses have to be of profit to society. We do not provide services to any companies that try to take advantage of people, try to steal, or corrupt.


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