Content Management or just a static site?

I want a website but I am not sure what if I need a Content Management or just a static site?

A static website is often a less expensive solution because typically is less expensive for the development firm to build. However it may not be the best business decision. Due to the nature of the web today, it is indispensable for a business to update their website frequently. Adding content to the website in the regular basis is fundamental to maximizing the visibility and visitation from search engines. Adding content the traditional way, through a webmaster, can get costly fast. Content Management Systems allow the flexibility of adding content to your website by yourself. Every time you update your website, by yourself, you save money and get more competitive. Also, if you feel like you don't want to update it yourself, it also reduces significantly the time it takes a webmaster to do the updates, saving you money too.

Separating Content and Structure is a Smart Move when Designing a Website

When you design a static site, you merge the structure of the site into every page. In the future, when you are ready to redesign, you will have to redo the entire site, both structure and visual elements. When using a CMS, since it effectively separates content and design, you can update either one at any given moment without disturbing the other one. Down the road, you can modify your design and keep your content, pages and structure intact.

If you decide to use a static site it also provides very little flexibility. If you want to add functionality to it, you have to code it from scratch. Merkados uses a CMS for its web development that offers hundreds of available modules. At any given moment you can plug-in a desired functionality and only incur in the cost of customizing it to your personal needs. That allows an incredible flexibility at a reduced cost.

Cost Effective Updating - Save Time and Money on Webmaster Services

So let's say that you want to change the phone number that appears in the footer section of every page in your static site. Let's also say that you have a site with 80 pages. What that means is that you have to change individually all of those pages. Even though, there is software that makes this a bit easier, it is still having to open the pages one by one and making the changes. With a CMS, your pages are constructed based on a couple of templates. If you modify the template you modify all your pages with one change. That is fast and reduces errors.

At Merkados, even though we can build static websites, we almost always recommend utilizing the power and flexibility of a CMS.

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