eMail Template HTML Design - Outlook Installation

Selecting an eMail Template

In 5 easy steps you will configure your own email template.

1. Start by downloading the .exe file in the location that Merkados™ has provided for you. For example> /exchange/setup.exe. If your template is already sent in html then download your template's html file to your desktop.

2. Click on the file with the extension .exe and install the template as indicated. * Bypass this section if your file is already html.

2.a. Move your template from the desktop to your Outlook Stationary Folder.  

3a. Click on the menu "tools" on your Outlook.

3b. Click on the "Options" item.

3c. Click on the Mail Format TAB and select your template from the "Stationary and Fonts" menu. If your template is not found among the options, you might have moved it into the wrong folder. Make sure it is in the Outlook stationary folder.

4. Click Apply and exit out.

5. Your template is ready to be used!


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