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Small businesses have a true need for web presence. These days, having a website is simply not enough; promoting your web presence is mandatory. However, small business owners often encounter one of two main problems.

1. Cheap SEO products by uncapable online marketing companies. They offer to place your website in the first page of Google for many or all of your favorite keyword phrases for a very small fee. The reason this doesn't work is because a succesful interactive marketing program takes work and time. In other words, how can they afford to do this work at such low rates while turning a profit? Basically our conclusion is that they don't do the work.

2. Effective SEO products by capable online marketing companies that price their products for Medium and Large size businesses. They don't make promises about ranking placements and they outline a true work schedule for your company, however, they are often too expensive for small businesses.

@growth is Merkados' way of dealing with both problems and creating an online marketing program that is both effective and affordable for small business.

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