Halloween Costumes for your Website in 2010

Web Design Halloween

Halloween (2010) season is upon us one more time. All people of all ages put on costumes for a couple of hours and walk door to door expecting happy parents to share a good portion of nice chocolates and candy.

In our case, as a website design agency, we are more in the business of costumes for websites. We design new clothing for old websites, for this season and for many to come.

Now, Halloween is tradtionally a one night deal, however when we design a website's skin and structure, we do so for a long time. We dress that code with custom solutions that talk about your brand, identity and purpose.

Halloween costumes are about dressing yourself as something you are not, while website design is about dressing your website with something that is exactly what it should be.

Now, as website designers, or should we say designaholics, we create unique, relevant and marketing driven designs that are tailored to your business and that expose your competitive advantages.

Attractive, Standard-based, Marketing-driven designing

Some agencies believe that the most important aspect of a site is that it works properly. They are not so concerned with designable elements and how they represent you visually. In our case, we make sure that:

1. Your website is attractive and it calls positive attention.

2. Your site works properly and it's developed with proper standards.

3. The site is marketing-driven, in other words, it has a business purpose.

This Halloween season, we recommend taking it easy on the candy and not so easy on your website's eye candy. Make sure that your business' website is dressed for success. Contact Merkados today to schedule a free consultation about your website's costume.


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