Interactive Marketing Hosting and Webmster Services

Hosting Services 

The internet marketing hosting service consists of the rental of virtual space in a server with a internet public access.  The hosting services usually range from shared hosting (several websites with the same IP) to dedicated servers ( one IP or multiple IP for one website).


Webmaster Services for Internet Marketing

The webmaster services include all the changes to the configuration of the website and server depending on the internet marketing hosting agreement.  For most cases everything that needs to be changed in the look and feel of a site, from Flash animations and pictures to the actual copy and code (including server and client side scripts) is included in the services performed by the webmaster.

Internet Marketing Phases

Internet Marketing is the consulting process of optimizing the online strategies to fill the needs and desires of a specific audience.  The changes recommended by this consulting process would be implemented by webmaster services, but the optimization itself is built by the internet marketers. The internet marketing includes the following phases:

  1. Information
  2. Interaction
  3. Transaction (e commerce carts or also referred to as ecommerce shopping)

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