What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is the process by which a particular web property promotes its content through improving its visibility and ranking in search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

SEO at Merkados is one of the vital parts of our Search Engine Marketing programs.

Our search engine optimization techniques are  a combination of best practices and decisions taken from the moment of design and not a compound of isolated and erratic steps attempting to gain better positions in search engine rankings.

Google SEOMerkados' SEO considers the web site architecture planning phase, up to the navigation, domain name registration, server selection (IP concerns), copywriting and also the implementation of SE specific guidelines. The most important concept that makes us different is that we build our websites with SEO in mind. Each line of code in your website is designed considering its online marketing.

Search Engine Optimization in the New Web 2.0

SEO is clearly not what it used to be in 1998. Search engine optimization today is extremely different than what it used to be and also what most people want you to believe it is.

If you go to Barnes & Noble today and purchased a book about SEO, the chances are that book was written at least 2 years ago. If you consider also that the authors might not be giving you their most recent information, simply because that information gives them a competitive edge in their own businesses, you may be taking a look at information that is clearly not relevant any more.

Having worked for the biggest SEO company in the world, our president Alex Centeno MBA. has a clear understanding of what works and what doesn't. Most imporantly we have the expertise that comes from working actively with hundreds of clients over the years.

If you wish to set up a private consultation about your SEO strategies contact Merkados today.

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