SEO in Costa Rica

Merkados Interactive Partners LLC has been providing top quality search engine optimization services and consulting in Costa Rica for a long time. If you are located in Costa Rica (or in any other latin american country) and are in search for online marketing professionals, Merkados is your answer.

As part of our SEO professional services we provide:

  1. Website Diagnosis.
  2. Content Optimization.
  3. Structure Improvement.
  4. Link Building.
  5. Advertising Oppportunity Identification.

What makes SEO for Costa Rica different than optimization for the United States?

Seo in Costa Rica is less competitive than in the United States because the number of websites is directly proportional to the size of the population. This is a positive aspect and a negative aspect at the same time. First, there are some internet verticals in Costa Rica looking for international presence such as travel and hospitality and plastic surgery. Therefore, these Costa Rican websites are really competing against better prepared sites with larger link popularity backgrounds.

Merkados adjusts the search engine marketing strategies and tactics to maximize the results that our clients experience.

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