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At Merkados™ we provide SEO friendly web development services. Since we have extensive search engine optimization training, we have incorporated all of our SEO expertise into our development process and apply all SEO best practices to our digital media design. This effectively makes our development search engine friendly from the ground up.

Website Development Services

Search engines account for more than 85% of the total traffic to web properties. If your website is built without an understanding of SEO it is very probable that it will be ineffective in capturing qualified traffic.

Our Raleigh web development team will take into consideration the crawling process of the major search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask.com and make sure that your content is fully visible to search engine spiders. Our client's website receive Google's search engine full visibility often in less than 2 weeks from going live.

It may sound irrelevant at first but having a site that is accessible to search engine crawlers can make the difference when it comes to having a successful presence.

Developing a search engine friendly website involves a wide variety of elements including: clean xhtml and css construction, proper meta information, keyword-rich content, revised robots.txt and sitemap.xml files, proper configuration of your hosting environment and much more. 

At Merkados we develop web solutions of three kinds:

  1. Informational -> Your Business to Target Market
  2. Interactional -> Your Business to Target Market and Viceversa
  3. Transactional -> Your Business to Target Market engaging in an online transaction.

Informational Websites

Informational websites are by far the most common web development projects for starting professionals and small businesses on a budget. Most of our clients want to provide information to their clients about their products and services. If you are in a strict budget and want all the benefits of custom branding and meticulous web communication, this kind of website is a great choice.

Interactional Projects

Interactional web properties provide information but also build full communication channels with their audience. They give and receive information using their online presence. The interaction can happen in two ways: 1. Between the website and the user -through animation or 2. Between the user and your company -through web forms, web cookies or sessions and/or analytics tracking. Web advertising differs from offline advertising in that it can create an interaction. Your target market can engage in a conversation with your business without you even knowing it. That conversation takes place 24/7 making it the ideal way to build the initial phases of customer relations. Radio, TV, Magazine Ads or any other channels only engage your audience with a framed static message; an interactional website can adjust the message according to the needs and preferences of a particular client. This is especially powerful when used to tweak your marketing promotion over time based on actionable analytics.

Transactional Properties

Finally, transactional web solutions are those that provide e-commerce capabilities. You can effectively sell your products or services online using your site. You can charge in exchange for products or services without the intervention of a representative. It can be as simple as selling a couple of digital goods on a sidebar of your site or as complex as a full cart implementation.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Most of the web's world-class content management systems are built using PHP. Our PHP experience allows us the flexibility to work with a variety of fantastic CMS.

CMS Development is extensible, flexibie and cost-effective. We prefer to develop CMS websites because of the flexibility that their infrastructure provides.  By keeping a vast repertoire of plugins the extensibility of your site becomes faster and more cost effective.

Most importantly by developing a site with a CMS, you can update the content of the site at your own pace and convenience. You don't need to rely on the pace of your webmaster for the changes to your site.

Probably the most undervalued benefit of a website built with a CMS is the separation of Markup, Design and Content. By separating those components, you can update any or all of them at the appropriate times making the process of renovating your site a lot quicker and cost-effective.

Contact us today or schedule a one-on-one session here at our RDU (Raleigh - Durham - Cary), North Carolina's office and improve your web presence today.

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