What web strategies can Merkados handle for me?

I have seen your work on one of your client's website. I would like to set up a professional website. Can you assist? What are the fees, etc. I am trying to publish other things online as well. I have been advised to start a blog and get a facebook page, as well, to establish a presence. Can you coordinate those, as well?


Merkados™ strength is to think creatively about your best opportunities online to find success. It is important that first you define what success means to you. To do so, we recommend establishing what we call KPI otherwise known as Key Performance Indicators. This measurements are the ways in which you are going to measure success. For example, if your main priority is to increase lead generation from your website, perhaps a KPI could be "Number of Leads by Completing the WebForm per month". That way you can compare that number and measure your level of success.

It is also advisable that you define your goals in attainable numbers. In other words, you may start by saying I want to increase my online leads by 10% with an increase in web strategy spend of $blank dollars.

That would give you a better point of reference when you speak with a professional.

Merkados™ also can help you in the process of implementing those ideas. Therefore we can define goals for your project and we can implement the best ideas to accomplish those goals online. Often that involves a website re-design, email marketing campaigns, pay-per-click, seo, video distribution and many others. The combination of those techniques come specifically from understanding your goals and realizing what the best avenues are for reaching those goals.

We do design blogs in different platforms, we can indeed create social networking profiles for you as well. But it is important to realize that those tactics are better utilized under the umbrella of a concerted strategy that will bring you the result that you are seeking.

Imagine if you went to the Orchestra one night and because you were seated closer to the piano, then you feel like you need to hire a piano player to make you feel the same way as that night. It is almost obvious that even though the piano is beautiful, it is not the full orchestra and it is important that some instruments are directed to come in and out at specific times.

The same applies to your online ventures. We know the online instruments available and we can compose and direct a plan that will bring you success. We will recommend some instruments to be implemented and some would stay out.

Finally, establishing a presence is probably not realistic goal. Let me explain. The web is an expanding ecosystem that is growing faster than your ability to grow your own online strategies as a small or medium business owner. The purpose of having a presence online today has to be attached to a market niche or a "target market".


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