Easy to Use - Content Management Systems

Having a CMS might not mean a great deal to you right now, however as your site progresses, you will want to make changes to the site. Add photos, add more content, change the navigation, add sections, etc. All those changes traditionally have been made by a webmaster. In other words, every time you wanted to add anything to your site you have to pay a webmaster agency's fee that ranges anywhere from $40 to $175 per hour. That may not be much but it can add up pretty fast. Merkados™ approach is quite different. We build our websites with a CMS and we train you on how to use that CMS so that you are in control of the content of your site.

You can add content at any time, you can change photos, write blog posts or simply modify a typo. All without paying a single dime. If you really want to bring your business online you are going to have to maintain it.

Available Modularity. Let's say in the future you want to add Twitter and Facebook updates to your website. In a regular website design company, they would figure the number of hours that it would take to create a script that does that for you. Then, they would quote you accordingly. At Merkados™ we have access to a database of over 1200 modules. Therefore all we have to do is look for the functionality that you are looking for and implement it in your website. Think of the savings that you will experience just by not having to code every single functionality that you think of.

Separate functions make upgrading easier and more cost effective.

Separation of Content and Style. Remember the separation of content and style we were talking about before? Think about what would happen when you get ready to redesign your site once again, lets say three years down the road.

The web changes so rapidly these days that the techniques available will virtually force you to change the look of your site. Most business will start looking once again for an agency and spend a large amount of money to do it all over again. Including rewriting their content, rethinking their markup.

In our case, we spent a lot of time in the foundation of your site so that we don't have to do that again. If you have a solid foundation, you can change everything else while maintaining that foundation. Since we separated style from content, you can redesign only the look & feel of your site without having to modify your content and structure. Think in the future when you have a completely new website at a fraction of the cost. That is why separating content and style is so important, in fact that is how you enjoy real value from our innovation.