Merkados™ Designing Process

Our web design company designs with pixel precision. A Merkados™ website has somewhere near 1.2 Million pixels per page and we pay careful attention to all of them. Depending on your project's specifications, we may start our design with a "mobile first" approach or we may starts with a resolution of 1200 pixels wide by 1000 pixels high. This is where most designers differ from us. Most design companies, don't design your website's composition first and then design your website's looks. Most of the time, they simply use a concept called: "designing on the browser". What this means is that they put components together as they go. Sometimes even modifying an existing template. The reason why this approach won't lead to an outstanding result is that the specific interaction needs of your audience haven't been considered. Therefore your conversion rates will significantly be jeopardized.

At Merkados™ design using the most advanced website design tools available. Currently we design the interaction with our proprietary frameworks. In a nutshell, we determine the stage of your prospective audience and design the interaction based on our experience of what works best for that particular stage. In terms of visual design, we use the latest technology as well. Currently we use 4k displays (for Retina testing) and the best professional graphic design software. You are probably aware of the fact that there are plenty of tools for web development. Even though utilizing the best tools in the business doesn't ensure a good product, in our case we meet those great tools with careful craftsmanship - that becomes an incredible combination.

Not all Web Designers are Created Equal

Some web designers feel perfectly happy with giving you a template with a few changes. Some will allow themselves to be careless about code because their clients may never get to see it. But at Merkados™ we believe that the key difference is in the last 10% of details.

Some people proclaim themselves as web designers the minute they get a computer. Imagine somebody calling himself a surgeon just because he just got a new set of kitchen knives.

At Merkados™, our designers are trained designers, certified by a digital media college and with multiple years of experience.

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