eCommerce Full Interactive Question Generation Modules decided to engage Merkados™ for the next generation of their web app. The project consists of designing and building an intricate system of algorithms that generate quizzes and practice tests for students that read a series of books. Written in PHP and MySQL as a set of custom Drupal modules, the system generates the quizzes, grades the online responses, creates a complex ranking and much much more.


Evan Pike Professional Photographer Site

One of the most important compliments that we get in our profession as website strategist and designers is when a client loves his project so much that he comes back for another project.

Evan, a professional photographer located in Cary, NC, decided it was time to take his personal photography website to the next level and contacted Merkados™.

In this particular project we provided lots of custom components including:

The No Biggie Bunch - Basic e-Commerce Cart

The No Biggie Bunch team approached us with their desire to sell their books in a more efficient way online. We recommended using a lightweight platform that utilized a Content Management System and Paypal. 

The CMS would allow them to administrate the products in a convenient way while Paypal would process payments in a secure and efficient way without the hassles of protecting the data themselves.