Measuring, Maximizing and Promoting

Measuring and Maximizing.

If you don't measure the effectiveness of your website to accomplish your goals how can you tell that you are succeeding or failing? The only way to know if you are getting closer to an objective is by measuring. The only way that you can improve the rate at which you attract new leads is by measuring that rate.

Analytics is more than just installing the Javascript code and forgetting about it.

All of our websites have a native installation of an advanced analytics package: Google Analytics. You will receive a comprehensive report delivered to your inbox every week. This report will contain a summary of your site's visitation numbers, referrals, visitor location sources and much more.

But the key distiction is that we can help you define KPI (Key Perfomance Indicators) that are relevant to your industry and website. That way you'll understand if you are getting closer or not to your real profitable goals.

It is obvious that by gaining all this knowledge you will be empowered to make better online marketing decisions.

Promotion of a Website

Designing a great website is only half of the battle. The other half is to promote it on the web so that everybody knows about it. Sometimes, promotion is confused with marketing. Marketing of a web precense includes every decision to better fulfll the needs, desires and preferences of your target audience. Of course you need to include the setting of prices for the web, domain name strategizing, search engine optmization, promotion (which includes web advertising, public relations and sales promotions) and designing your product or service itself.

The web is no longer simply a channel, just like TV or the Newspaper, for advertising. The interactive nature of the web requires us to define a complete marketing strategy for the audience on the web.

Merkados™ offers a wide variety of website promotion options available to you. From advancing your SEO to paid advertising to video distribution. Merkados™ can provide you with real options to succeed online.