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If you are located in Raleigh, North Carolina we want to meet with you personally so we can better understand your business and create solutions that are right for you.

These days, every teenager with a computer is considered a "web designer"; they offer special discounted rates (sometimes even free) and promise all the "cool" gadgets. More often than not, these "improv" designers are not serious about their process and lack the necessary commitment to excellence. In some cases, they might be able to provide good looking websites. Unfortunately "looks" are only a small part of a successful marketing strategy. If your business is serious about its return on investment (ROI) you know you can't trust this kind of "designer", you need a professional web studio or agency.

Merkados™ is different than most agencies in the Raleigh-Durham area because we incorporate our marketing background into every step of your design process. From conceptualizing, defining clear objectives, to hand-coding a search engine-friendly markup, everything is carefully crafted for a specific result.

Raleigh web DesignIn Raleigh, web design is a very competitive industry. You can find dozens of programmers, graphic designers and online marketers. The question is "are these professionals ready to integrate development, design and marketing into your project effectively?"

Some of our clients have dealt with non-professional media designers before coming to us; they are amazed at what we can bring to the table. 

Don't think for a second that our competitive website design prices mean that we don't strive for excellence. In fact some of our designs have won industry awards and we always deliver award-winning quality in our constant pursuit of pixel perfection.

We believe that our city needs an infusion of designers that really care about their client's business. Are you interested in great web design Raleigh? Of course you are. Well, major city of Raleigh, here we come.

Contact us today if you are looking for a professional Raleigh's web design firm by calling Toll Free: (919) 975.5217 to schedule a free on-site consultation in the Triangle Area.

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