Website Design Process - Web Development Steps

The Merkados web design process is a combination of online marketing knowledge with advanced applied aesthetics. We work hard to maximize the power of your budget and to enhance the chances of positive revenue over your investment. Our websites are excellent products because we dedicate hours to planning, organizing, directing and evaluating the graphical, technical and marketing solutions that we implement in your site.

Merkados Web Design Timeline

Website Design Process:

1. We listen to your specific needs and project's expectations.

2. We provide the environment to interact in creative brainstorming to determine what other considerations may make sense to take your project to a whole new level.

3. Strategic Planning - Design Proposal. After brainstorming, we finally decide which ideas work best. Then we create hand sketches of the end product.

4. Digital Media Design - Layered Design. We take our hand sketches and convert them into digital media.

5. Correction and Construction. In this stage we take all of our graphic design elements and transform them to HTML markup, Cascading Style Sheets(CSS), graphics and scripts.

6. Implementation in the Content Management System (CMS). We customly port our digital media designs to work perfectly and seamlessly with the selected CMS (Drupal or Wordpress).

7. Testing Server. We build your website's starting pages and we invite you to our One-on-One training session. In this session, we will teach you how to administer pages, posts and users in your new website.

8. Push Live. This stage is probably the most exciting. The client finally gets the chance to use their own website, use their blog and get feedback form their customers - clients.

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